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    Presentation : 3gm vial

    Composition : Ceftriaxone 3gm, Ceftriaxone 4gm

    DOSAGE : 5-10mg per kg body weight Route : IM/IV

    INDICATION : Uro-Genital Tract Infection, Mastitis HS, Pneumonia, Post Operative Care, Skin & Soft Tissue Infection, G.I.Tract Infection


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    Presentation 100ml vial

    Each MI. Contains :
    Enrofloxacin                                         I.P.        100mg.
    Benzyl Alcohol (As Preservative)     I.P.        0.5w/v
    Water for injection                              I.P.        q.s.

    DOSAGE : 1ml per 20 kg body weight for 3-5 days Route : IV/IM

    INDICATION : Respiratory Tract Infections, Urinary Tract Infections, Skin & Safe Tissue Infections, Micoplasmal Infections


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    Presentation : 100ml

    Each MI. Contains:
    Ivermectin                   B.P.    10 mg.
    Propylene Glycol        I.P.           q.s.

    DOSAGE :
    Cattle: 1ml/50kg. bw.
    Sheep: 0.5ml/25kg. bw.
    Camel: 1ml/50kg. bw.
    or as directed by the veterinarian.

    INDICATION : Control of Gastro-intestinal Nematodes/Roundworms Lugworm, Eye Worm Marbles, External Parasites Like Tick Lice And Mites


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    Presentation : 10ml & 30ml vial

    Composition : Mecobalamin 2500mcg/ml

    DOSAGE : As directed by the Veterinarian.

    INDICATION : Nerving Problem, Lameness Ataxia,Anorexia, Anemia Weakness, Weight Loss Indigestion


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    Presentation : 100ml vial

    Each MI. Contains :
    Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride                 I.P. (Vet.)     50 mg.
    Proplyene Glycol                                          I.P.                0.5w/v
    Water for injection                                       I.P.                q.s.

    Usage : 1ml per 10 kg. body weight Route : IM/IV

    INDICATION : Neonatal sepsis, RTI, CRD, E-coli Bacillus, Anthrax, Black Quarter, H.S.


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    Presentation : 30 & 100ml vial

    Each ml. contains :
    Meloxicam 5mg,
    Paracetamol 150mg,

    Dosage & Administration :
    Large animal : 1ml/10 kg. b.wt.
    Small animal : 2ml/I0 kg. b.wt.
    Route : I.M.

    INDICATION : Pain, Inflammation & Fever


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    Presentation 100ml vial

    Composition : Thiamine HCI 10mg, Riboflavin 3mg, Niacinamide 100mg, Cyanocobalamin 10mcg, Liver injection Cruide 0.6 ml, (Having Vit-B12 activity eq. to 2mcg. of Cyanocobalamin per ml.)

    DOSAGE :
    Large Animal : 5-1Oml
    Small Animal : 3-5ml
    Route : IM or IV (1:100 dilution)

    INDICATION : Detoxification, Fat/Protein Metabolism, Liver Protector, Faster Tissue Builder Improve FCR, Appetite Restorer, Immuno Booster, Health Improver


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    Presentation : 30ml Vial

    Composition :
    Each ml Centains :
    Asorbic Acid I.P 250mg
    Meta Chlorocresol (As presevative) I.P 0.2% v/v
    Water for injection I.P q.s.

    DOSAGE : 30ml by IV route

    Wound healing.
    Haemoglobinuria, Haematuria & Anemia.
    Immunity Enhancer & Antioxidant.
    Fight against mastitis & Metritis Blood in the Milk.
    Disturbed thermoregulation particular in summer Tick Bite and Snake Bite