Presentation : 1, 5 & 25 kg

COMPOSITION : Each 1kg Contains:- Calcium 25.5%, Phosphorous 12.75%, Magnesium 6000mg Sulphur 0.72%, Sodium 5.9mg, Potassium 100mg, Copper 1200mg, Cobalt 150gm, Zinc 9600mg, Iron 1500mg, Lodine 325mg, Selenium 10mg, Vitamin-A 700000 IU, Vitamin-D 370000 IU Vitamin-E 250mg, Nicotinamide 1000mg, Manganese 1500mg, L-lysine 4.40mg, DI-methionine 1.929gm, Lactobacillus Spores 1.5x10cfu, Saccharomyeces Cerevisiae 30000 million CFU.

DOSAGE : Usage (Mixing Ratio) : 30gm to 50gm per cow/buffalo per day to be mixed in the feed for maintenance and better milk production. 25gm to 30gm per calf/sheep per day to be mixed in the feed for better weight gain. 1kg. in 100kg. of feed to be added on a regular basis.

INDICATION : Infertility, Vitamin Deficiency, Night Blindness, Rickets, Regeneration of Germinal Epithelium, Subclinical Fertility Prob. Mastitis