Presentation : 1,2,5,10 & 20Ltr.

COMPOSITION : Nutricional value per 10ml, approx. Ferrous Gluconate 250mg, Ferric Chloride 90mg, Thiamine Hydrochloride 5mg, Riboflavin 5mg, Nicotinic Acid 30mg, Calcium Lactata 300mg, Chalice Chloride 300mg. Kutki 50mg, Zinc 6mg, Silymarine 50mg Yeast Extract 50mg, Liver fraction 2 200mg, Saunf arc 25mg.

Direction for use :
Cow & Buffalo : 50 to 100ml daily.
Sheep & Goats : 10 to 20ml daily.
Calves : 40ml daily.
Poultry / Chicks : 20 ml./1OO birds.
Growers : 50 ml./100 birds.
Layers : 100 ml./100 birds.

INDICATION : Increase milk yield, Improve udder health, Improve appetite, Improve bone strength, Productivity, Increase let down of milk