Presentation : 500ml & 1Ltr.

Each 10ml contains :- Vasaka/Arusa 85 mg, Bans/Vans moot 75mg, Motha/Musta 75mg, Dashamoola 150mg, Mulethi/jethimadh 15mg, Ashoka 150mg Methi 50mg, Jira/Safed Jira 25mg, Bet/Sriphal l00mg, Bahera 50mg, Harmal 100mg, Brahmi l00mg, Excipients q.s.

Large Animals : Loading dose of 200ml just after parturition followed by 200mI after 6 Hours, then 100ml twice daily for three days after wards.

Small Animals :
Loading dose of 100ml just after parturition followed by 100ml after 6hours, then 50ml twice day for 3 days after wards. Double the dose for animals weighting above 400kg.

• In Freshly Calved Animals
• To prevent retention of placenta
• For timely expulsion of placenta after calving.
• Helps in timely & proper involution of uterus.
• Ensure post-partom cleansing of uterus.