Presentation : 10ml Vial

Each ml contains : Vitamin H (Biotin) 50 mcg, Vitamin A 22000 I.U, Vitamin C 50 mg, vitamin D3 11000 I.U, Vitamin E 60mg, Vitamin BI2 20mcg, Selenium 8mcg, Cobalt 0.2mg, & Zinc l8 mg.

Large Animal : 10ml daily
Small Animal : 5ml daily
Chicks : 5ml/100 birds
Growers : 7ml/100 birds
Layers : 10ml/100 birds
Dogs/cats : 2-3ml daily
or as directed by the veterinarian.

INDICATION : Removes stress, Superior antioxidant, Better udder growth, Better egg production, Shiny & glossy hair, Increased milk production, Prevents chances of mastitis